I want to show the cultural, social, artistic and aesthetic of tango dancing. The richness of our cultural identity.


I am interested in basic tango convey concepts to develop higher level concepts.Students strung those ideas and form a dance itself. Authentic and unique. Without imitating anyone. Analyzing the movement of the body to dance tango, but with the feeling to my skin.
A quick and effective learning.Using clear and simple, try to explain my notion of dancing tango. I show all my experience and my knowledge. I count everything I learned, which investigated. What I saw and what I know. For those who are interested in the tango, seeking to improve what they know or want to specialize.


My relationship with the students personally.A nice try, nice.

During class, the degree of difficulty goes crescendo. 
In principle, I recommend gadgets to solve the simplest movements. Subsequently, I propose more and more possibilities to get to solve more complex sequences, in an agile, dynamic and fun. 
Inducing students to unconsciously improvisation and impeccable musicality in dancing.
But loose is not a class. Because the issues are being linking, creating a progressive learning throughout the course.
In every class a challenge: to overcome.

A comprehensive system that combines technical, mechanical and dynamic tango.With a program of classes that attempt to cover from the birth and development of the tango dance today.
To help achieve the objectives of students according to their needs and knowledge, the plan is divided into three levels:

1) Tango socialA dedicated space for you to fulfill your unfinished business.Stimulates the willingness to dance tango.Promotes awareness of the basics of dance.Proposed approach. The disinhibition. Dancing with someone else.
2) OddA course generating capacity and promote skills to improve your travel down the runway. Resolve unexpected situations. Learn more tools to not repeat itself, bored and boring the other person.To enjoy more you dance.
3) SpecialistsIt aims to enhance your skills tanguista to the fullest.Training strategically planned to take to limit the integral combination of technical, mechanical and dynamic.Based on knowledge of different artistic disciplines, which seeks to ensure that our movements are organic and fluid, subtle and quality.Our movements, figures and sequences fit the space where dance, be it a full track, an empty space, a display, and the stage.Use the appropriate dynamics to dance tango.Conocimienos deepen musicality.Automatic and real improvisation.